Tubal Cannulation

There are many reasons because of which it become difficult to conceive for couples, one of the such issue is blockage of fallopian tubes. Fallopian tubes are bilateral tubes between ovaries and uterus which carries egg from ovaries to uterus for fertilisation. This issue is resolved by a procedure called Tubal Cannulation.

Tubal Cannulation do not require any kind of cuts on the skin, and patient may or may not be given anaesthesia (mild sedative may be given to relax the patient). It is performed by inserting a tube called catheter through Vagina, followed by a wire. Doctor locate the blocked area using real time moving X- Ray or ultrasound, then the blockage is either opened with help of wire or balloon attached on the catheter. Before proceeding with Tubal Cannulation doctors generally flushes dye through catheter to locate the blockage, this procedure is called hysterosalpingography.

This procedure help many women to conceive naturallys, but its effectiveness depends upon :

  • • Location of blockage generally tubal cannulation is most successful if blockage is near the uterus.
  • • Procedure performed
  • • Cause of blockage.

In most cases Doctor recommend to go for tubal cannulation before trying for IVF or other expensive pregnancy procedure.