Infertility Management

Infertility is very common in couples these days. This is not related to gender, but anyone can be infertile, irrespective of the gender. If we try to understand the meaning of infertility it simply means when a couple is having unprotected sexual intercourse regularly but is unable to conceive or get pregnant, and this period needs to be minimum 12 months; then a couple can be said infertile. According to research, around 85% of infertile couples cannot identify their reasons of being infertile. Some of the common causes as per varied researches are tubular diseases, ovulatory dysfunction, male factor infertility.

The answers to all doubts and worries regarding infertility can be only answered by a specialized doctor, who needs to first understand your sexual habits and can recommend some changes to it. The process related to identification of cause of infertility is not very affordable and at some points may get very uncomfortable also. But the couple needs to understand that this process is required to know the root of the problem. If the problem cannot be solved with counselling next step is to get into medical treatments. Before which several kinds of medical test are conducted on both male and female, which are listed below:

Tests for Men

A Male can be said fertile when his testicles are producing a healthy number of sperms and the second test is that the ejaculations are entering into vagina and then into the egg. Some test which check whether a male is sexually healthy or not are listed below:

  • • Analysis of the semen
  • • Testing on the hormones
  • • Tests related to genetics.
  • • Biopsy of Testicular.
  • • Imaging
  • • Abnormalities in the DNA

Tests for Women

A woman is said to be fertile if her ovaries are making and releasing a good amount of eggs. Further it should pass into fallopian tubes after passing down from reproductive tract and finally fuse with sperm in order to become fertile. Further this fertile egg should travel to Uterus and should transplant the lining. The test to check whether a woman is fertile or not are as follows:

  • • Testing of Ovulation
  • • Hysterosalpingography
  • • Testing of Ovarian Reserve
  • • Imaging
  • • Other Hormone Testing