Genital Infection is also as Vaginitis or commonly known as vaginal infection are few names for irritation or infection of vagina. When this irritation or inflammation extends to vulva or external parts of genitals it is known as vulvovaginitis. These infections are very common and can be the result of varied causes. According to research every third person having vagina is likely to experience this infection at some point of their life. These infections are not age specific; a teen also have the same chances of getting infected as that of an old lady. But reproductive age is more prone to these infections, which means late teens and early 40s are more prone to getting genital infections.

There are many causes of vaginal infections can occur by having sex whether penetrative or any other type of sex. But it is important to note that it is quite different from sexually transmitted infection (STI). Some symptoms of genital infections are:

  • • Irritation and tenderness in vagina
  • • Burning and itching in Vagina
  • • Distended skin reddened and irritated areas around vagina and vulva.
  • • Unhealthy amount of vaginal discharge.
  • • Odd color and foul-smelling vaginal discharge
  • • Difficulty in urinating
  • • Irritation and pain during penetrative vaginal sex
  • • Bleeding from vagina


As discussed above there are many causes of vaginal infections and treatment totally depends upon the cause of infection. Better and safe treatment can be given by a specialist doctor only. Some common treatments used by doctors are:

  • • Bacterial infection can be treated by taking medication in tablets, cream, or gel form. Metronidazole can be taken in either of the three forms and clindamycin in cream and gel form only
  • • Yeast Infection can be treated with antifungal creams or suppositories. These medications can also be purchased without any prescription from a pharmacy store but if this infection is persistent one should immediately contact a doctor.
  • • For treating trichomoniasis one should go for tablets like metronidazole or tinidazole.
  • • If the cases are of atrophic vaginitis which causes dryness and irritation in vagina estrogen creams and tablets should be considered.