Family Planning Surgeries

Family Planning surgeries or Permanent contraception is a procedure to avoid pregnancy. There are different types of birth control methods available, among those sterilization is permanent and most effective procedure that is performed on both men and women to avoid pregnancy. Vasectomy is a term for sterilization in men and tubal ligation in females.

Permanent Contraception for Men: Vasectomy

Vasectomy is male sterilization procedure, it is really effective, safe and permanent birth control procedure. This procedure requires cutting and blocking or sealing Vasa deferens, tubes in male reproduction system carrying sperms from testes. It simply stops transportation of sperms out of testes. This whole procedure takes around 30 minutes and is done by Urologist requiring cut on side of scrotum and then a small section of each vas deferens is removed and ends are sealed.

A non-surgical method is also there, in this doctor locate the vas deferens under the skin of scrotum, holds it with a small clamp, make a tiny puncture in the skin with special instrument and the opening is stretched so the vas deferens can be cut and tied. No stiches are required as the punctures heal themselves.

Permanent Contraception for women: Tube Ligation

In female reproduction system fallopian tubes carry egg from ovaries to the uterus, and in tube ligation the fallopian are tied, clamped, cut and banded or sealed closed. As egg could not reach the uterus therefore pregnancy is prevented. The patient needs to be anesthetized, and through laparoscopic procedure small incisions are made in abdomen, with the instrument inserted fallopian tubes are cut, tied, clamped and sealed. The skin incisions need to be stitched closed. This method is not 100 % effective, slight risk of pregnancy is there. Other sterilization method is known as Hysterectomy or surgical removal of the uterus, this procedure is generally done in treating disorder rather than a contraceptive procedure.