High Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of excitement, uncertainty and anticipation all at same time, and every pregnancy have certain risk, therefore during these nine months constant risk assessment is required. Any pregnancy where health risk is high and imposes threat to mother as well as fetus life, risk assessment and extra care is required during as well as shortly after delivery.

Causes of High Risk Pregnancy:

  • • Age factor, women older than 35 years or younger than 17 years are more prone to complications during pregnancy.
  • • Unhealthy life style like drinking alcohol, smoking, consumption of dangerous drugs etc.
  • • Medical history of mother, may be suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart problem, epilepsy, lupus, fibroids, HIV/AIDS, kidney disorder, lower bodyweight BMI less than 18.5, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid, any mental issue and many infections can also contribute to high-risk pregnancy.
  • • Multiple pregnancy like carrying more than one baby can be risky.
  • • During pregnancy complications like fetal growth, rhesus (Rh), unusual placenta growth etc.
  • • Any complications in previous pregnancies can increase your risk in next pregnancy.

Symptoms of High Risk Pregnancy:

  • Visit you doctor in case you experience following symptoms, these may be risky in some cases :
  • • Abdominal pain, chest pain or head ache that doesn’t go away but keep on worsening.
  • • Dizziness or fainting
  • • Slow or no fetus movement.
  • • Heart palpiations.
  • • Nausea or vomiting other than morning sickness.
  • • Vaginal bleeding or discharge.
  • • Thoughts or harming yourself or fetus.

How healthy pregnancy can be promoted:

  • During your pregnancy some factors to keep in mind mother and fetal health are :
  • • Firstly, go for preconception appointment, means consult doctor before planning pregnancy. Your doctor will guide you about right body weight to be maintained, if you have any existing problem that may be treated, if required doctor may provide you with prenatal vitamins with folic acid. Your doctor will guide you regarding risk you may face.
  • • Go for regular prenatal visits, this will help your doctor to monitor your and baby’s health during pregnancy. If needed you may ask to consult specialist in maternal-fetal medicine, genetics, paediatrics or other areas.
  • • Discuss with your doctor regarding any existing medicine you are consuming.
  • • Change your lifestyle, quit smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs.