Painless delivery/ Cesarean delivery

Becoming mother is nature’s best gift, bond which mother share with her baby in nine months can’t be expressed in words and this feeling culminates with arrival of little one, but the birthing process is not easy experience for every woman. Hours of labour and increasing labour pain is what every expecting mother fear and so resist from natural birth, though C-section great alterative available but with advancement of science and medicine pain during delivery can be reduced down to great extent.

Epidural analgesia is anaesthesia injected in the lower back of the mother, due to which back pain bearing capacity increases that in turn aids in natural birth. Injecting Epidural does not offer 100% pain relief but make natural birth little less painful for women who may otherwise opt for C-section.

Other options available for painless delivery are water birth, or use of Entonox a combination of Nitrogen oxide and oxygen through breathing mask.

All these options have helped many women to experience natural childbirth. But if a woman after use of these method is still unable to bear the pain or get exhausted while pushing or because of emergency may opt for C-section. .

Cesarean Delivery or C-section

In case vaginal delivery is risky and cannot be performed, Cesarean delivery is done. C-section is surgical procedure in which incisions are made in abdomen and uterus for delivering the baby. C-section can be planned if there are some conditions like :

  • • Cephalopelvic disproportion where either size of baby or size mother’s pelvis is not adequate for normal delivery.
  • • Expecting multiple, delivering more then two babies require C-section.
  • • Placenta previa where placenta is too low in uterus which blocks baby’s exit.
  • • Baby is in horizontal or sideway position i.e., transverse lie.
  • • Breech presentation.
  • • Any kind of obstruction like large fibroid, pelvic fracture etc.
  • • Other health conditions like heart diseases.

An unplanned C-section delivery is generally done in case of emergency during natural birth.