Menopause is phase which is experienced by every women in her late 40’s or early 50’s. In simpler terms menopause means that when a women hasn’t had her menstrual periods for time not less than 12 continuous months. It is a natural process which eventually every woman must go through. The importance of menopause is that, it marks an end to the reproductive or fertile years of the woman’s life. The average age at which women experience menopause is 51 years. All the time taken to get to menopause is perimenopause. This is indicated by changes in the menstrual cycles or having hot flashes. Meno pause can be treated with both hormonal and non-hormonal therapies. Though its not a disease but a process but it has quite a toll on woman’s body, therefore a proper procedure can be taken to avoid certain symptoms. Few of them are discussed below:

Hormonal Therapies

Menopause occurs when the body of female starts to make less amount hormones than required. Two hormones namely oestrogen and progesterone are responsible for all reproduction activities of the body and they are produced by ovaries. When ovaries stops or produce less amount of oestrogen and progesterone, menopause starts which can results in several symptoms to name a few like: dryness in the vaginal areas, hot flashes. For reducing these recurring symptoms and to elongate the process of menopause, hormonal therapy can be used which can boosts the levels of oestrogen progesterone in the body. There two hormonal therapies present for this process namely:

  • • Oestrogen Therapy (ET).
  • • Oestrogen Progesterone/ Progestin Hormone Therapy (EPT)

Non-Hormonal Therapies

  • • Taking proper medication
  • • Exercising daily
  • • Talking to people or getting counselling
  • • Concentrating on your diet
  • • To identify the foods or activities that trigger the symptoms of menopause (this can differ from body to body)