Adenomyomectomy is most successful way to treat adenomyosis in women. Adenomysis is a condition in which endometrial tissue in uterus lining grows into wall of muscles. In female reproductive system the uterus is lined with tissues (endometrium) that prepare the uterus for pregnancy by making its walls thicker for embryo to rest. If the pregnancy doesn’t happen that wall shred in form of blood during menstruation. In adenomyosis some of these tissues grows into muscular inner wall of uterus known as myometrium, but these tissues still behave like lining of uterus and bleeds during monthly cycle. This enlarges the uterus and women experience heavy menstrual bleeding.

Symptoms of Adenomyosis are:

  • • Enlarged uterus
  • • Abdominal bloating, or heaviness
  • • Heavy bleeding during periods
  • • Pain during intercourse
  • • Pelvic pain
  • • Severe cramps during periods

For treating Adenomyosis the most effective method available is Adenomyomectomy. Doctors generally advice going for hysterectomy that is removal of uterus as most convenient way to solve adenomyosis. In case patient want to retain the uterus then conservative surgery called Adenomyomectomy is preferred. This help in treating maximum symptoms and also preserve fertility. This procedure aims at complete removal of adenomyotic tissue and a reconstruction of the uterine wall